9/11 - 1.02 Version Up Announcement

【About Update】

The last update we had was for the "Selectable Game Difficulties" and the "Game Balance Adjustment". This time, a new update adds a whole new chapter called - Mononoke Hive.

In this chapter, Kagemaru has to face 50 groups of Mononoke in one go. They are much more aggressive than normal Mononoke. You can regain a bit of life back by defeating each Mononoke.

Are you ready for the toughest challenge!?

【How to Update】
To update the game, you must go to PS®Store and download the game again. It will replace the old version.

7/31 - 1.01 Version Up Announcement

【About Update】

Mononoke Slashdown will update to version 1.01 on July 31st.
In this update there are:

1. Selectable Game Difficulties: In the beginning of every chapter, you are able to select the difficulty. The original Mononoke Slashdown is “Normal Mode” a
and in version 1.01 added “Simple Mode” which health regenerates over time and you begin with several abilities, which is best suited for action game beginners.

2. Game Balance: Kagemaru’s attack power has been increased, and some enemies’ life has been decreased.

3. Shop Item Price and Stage Reward: The price for all items in the shop has been lowered, and stage rewards are higher.

4. Screen Adjustment: Two types of screen positions are now available. Recommended for smartphone players.

To update the game, you must go to PS®Store and download the game again. It will replace the old version.

Also if you have the old version save data, after you update the game you will get bonus 5000 money in Normal Mode.

There's also a big update on the official site with a start up guide and gameplay hints! You should check it out!



[Error Announcement]


If you are updating from the old version to version 1.01

and you have cleared the 1st chapter, you may not be able to play after chapter 1.


To solve this problem, play the chapter 1 boss stage. Clear it again and

the next chapter will become playable. You will be able to access all

the chapters that you've cleared previously.


We are very sorry for all the trouble.


NOTE: If this is your first time playing the game, this problem will not happen. 

 The old game data is up to Chapter 2, but after the update, normal mode can not selected.


Go back to Chapter 1 and clear the boss stage again.

Chapter 2 will unlock again, and all the previous saved data will remain.